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Snowblossom Channels

Early static content test

This is a super early version. Lots of things don't work yet, but it does seed and peer static files and makes them available.

Download file from:

This is the snowblossom iceleaf client with additional channels features built in.

Subscribe to test website channel

Under tab 'Channel Node' paste in 'chan:jw96y2w9cvvfmrese73vqv2zawc5v77ljgqwycdl' and press 'Subscribe'.

You should then get a few peers and a few blocks.

Then navigate to:


Create your own static content channel

Under tab 'Channel Node' type in a title and press 'Create'.

Under 'Channel Settings' find 'Channel Upload Directory' and find the folder there for the just created channel. Put files in that.

Go back to 'Channel Node' tab and select the channel in the combo box and press 'Import'. This will make a new block with that content, and then it will be available to peers.