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How to use Tor for privacy while interacting with channels


  • Does not make the Snowblossom side use tor. Your node will connect to the normal snowblossom network and appear to be a snowblossom node or client.
  • Using SOCKS5 proxy via browser into Channels for access to * sites allows the browser to connect to other sites as well (channels will proxy any sites as a normal proxy would). This does not yet use Tor, so a web site that references other resources will leak data.


Due to gRPC not supporting SOCKS5 (yet we need to the the tor HTTP Proxy port, rather than the normal SOCKS5 proxy.

With linux tor or tor browser, the step is the same, find torrc and add:

HTTPTunnelPort 9080

  • Then enable the tor http proxy option.
  • Enable tor_only
  • Restart Channels

Tor only mode disables:

  • Discovery of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses
  • Multicast discovery and announcement for local peers
  • Advertising and IPv4 or IPv6 addresses in the DHT
  • IPv4 UPNP NAT registration

Tor only mode will:

  • Only connect out via tor, but will connect to IPv4, IPv6 and .onion (hidden service) hosts via tor