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Fireduck - Joseph Gleason



  • 2003-2008 - ACM Programming Team member and later coach
  • 2009-2013 - Amazon AWS Messaging (SQS/SNS)
  • 2013-2018 - Google SRE


About Me

Without really meaning to, the projects I've worked on have ended up being an in depth study of Bitcoin internals. With my mining pool software I had to get rather intimate with block details. With my electrum work I got to learn a great deal about UTXO databases, fast and stable local data stores (rocksdb FTW) and the various ways to index and think about block chains. This has put me in the position to do this snowblossom work learning from many Bitcoin lessons.

Clueless - Zachary Coon


Technical Work

  • 2011 Digital Cinema District Technician
  • 2014 Applications Engineer
  • 2016 Development Operations - Hospital Monitoring

Crypto Related

  • Long time user of #bitcoin, /r/electrum
  • Various recovery, documentation, and support roles for Bitcoin

About Me

All about bringing technology to people. I've always enjoyed consulting, teaching, and the constant challenges. Most of my work has been in site reliability, monitoring, data visualization, frontends, backends building tools to make life easier, and smoothing out operations. My focus will likely be community, project management, testing, documentation, python tooling and implementations.