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Images are hosted on Dockerhub: Docker Snowblossom

We have the following docker images that are automatically updated:

  • snowblossom/node - Network Node
  • snowblossom/explorer - Snowblossom explorer web server
  • snowblossom/client - CLI Client
  • snowblossom/poolminer - Regular miner
  • snowblossom/pool - Mr Plow mining pool

Other images:

  • snowblossom/snowblossom - Image that can run any of the above with a command line option of which to run. Not build automatically. Mostly kept for testing and compatibility with early docker setups.


All images assume /data is a good place to put things. Some don't really need any persistent data (like exploder). So if you want them to not start from scratch each time, give them a /data that is a persistent volume.


These all start with somewhat reasonable defaults but any options can be overwritten with environment variables that start with "snowblossom_"

Any config options found here Category:ConfigOptions may be used.


To start a basic node but enable tx_index and addr_index:

   docker run -d --restart always --name snowblossom.node --network host \
     -v snownode:/data -e snowblossom_addr_index=true -e snowblossom_tx_index=true snowblossom/node:latest

To run an rpc server client:

   docker run --pull always -it --rm --network host \
     -v snow.client:/data \
     -e snowblossom_rpc_port=9112 \
     -e snowblossom_rpc_username=hello \
     -e snowblossom_rpc_password=crabs \
     snowblossom/snowblossom client rpcserver

Note: the above client is using the the snowblossom/snowblossom image until issue 224 is fixed.