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Install Bazel

Bazel is a build system that is pretty fun.

Bazel Install

Git Clone

git clone https://github.com/snowblossomcoin/snowblossom.git

Build it

cd snowblossom
bazel build :all


bazel test :all

Stand alone jars

bazel build :SnowBlossomMiner_deploy.jar :SnowBlossomNode_deploy.jar :SnowBlossomClient_deploy.jar :Shackleton_deploy.jar

The jars will then be in bazel-bin and can be copied to other platforms (even windows).

Run it

Some people like to run it under screen or tmux or whatever.

The setup for each binary is the same, the first option is a config file. See the examples/configs for examples.


Acts as a p2p node, downloads and verifies the blockchain. Acts as a server for miner, client and shackleton.

bazel-bin/SnowBlossomNode node.conf


Generates new blocks. Requires snow fields, which be either downloaded or generated by the miner directly (can be slow).

bazel-bin/SnowBlossomMiner miner.conf

Snow Field Torrents

You can check the Explorer to see which field is currently being used.


Creates and manages a wallet.

bazel-bin/SnowBlossomClient client.conf [command]


  • send <amt> <dest> (sends funds)
  • monitor (displays balance, repeats)
  • loadtest (fun)

No command will display the addresses and balances and then exit.

Shackleton (block explorer)

bazel-bin/Shackleton explorer.conf

Answers http requests for information about the blockchain. Recommended to run node with tx_index=true so that shackleton can find all the transactions.