Audit Log Mode

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Audit Log Mode is a way of building a single chain of transactions where each transaction is built from the output of the previous transaction.

This allows for creating a simple audit log of events (using the tx_extra section of the transactions). Having such a chain allows to demonstrate:

  • That the log entries are part of the same chain, since they are signed by the same address
  • When the logs occurred, based on when the transactions are included into blocks
  • When the logs occurred, relative to each other even within the same block based on their transaction chain ordering


Create a new wallet for use with audit log mode. This wallet should not be using for any activity other than a single audit log chain.

Fund the wallet. Pick an address in the wallet and set it as audit_log_source.

Initialize the chain using client command: audit_log_init <msg>

To Save Logs

Use client command: audit_log_record <msg>

To Add Funds

Send from any other wallet to an address in this wallet. Any funds will be included in the chain amount each time.

To Remove Funds

This is currently not supported. You can do so, but it will break the chain.

To Review an audit log report

Use client command: audit_log_report <address>

This prints a report of all valid audit log chains found on that address. Output format is ugly and subject to change.