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Total supply

  • The supply starts at 50 per block, halving every 4 years.
  • Giving us about 21 Million total capacity.
  • Proof of Work

    We use a custom POW based on IO. See Technical-Design

    "Illegal Reflective" or "Protobuf Unsafe" errors

    Ignore for now. - https://github.com/snowblossomcoin/snowblossom/issues/37

    Address Format

    snow:address and address are both valid formats.


    • ==== Do I have to run a node? ====

      It's highly suggested and relatively easy. Everything relies on them, although the clients and miners are light and can connect to any node.

    • ==== RocksDB Error ====

      https://github.com/snowblossomcoin/snowblossom/issues/32 - Upgrade to a recent release.

    • ==== Block too far into the Future ====

      Make sure your clock is correct.


    • ==== IO Exception ==== Make sure the node is running.


    • ==== Snowfield? ====
      • Miners are required to have the latest or greater snowfield.
      • Determine the current activated_field
      • It is suggested you download/torrent the current field
      • You may slowly generate it by setting autosnow=true in your miner.conf
      • the path looks like snowblossom_home/snow/snowblossom.#/*
    • ==== Can I mine in RAM? ====
      • You must have enough ram for the current field + overhead.
      • Windows likely requires memfield=True
      • Linux kernel typically automatically loads files into ram
    • ==== Directory Not Present ====

      Make sure the you have the snowfield in place.

    • ==== GPU mining possible? ====

      Our POW is intended to make this infeasible.

    • ==== When will the mining field change? ====

    Network Diagram