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Install from Source (all platforms)

  1. Install Java 8+
    • Windows: Java 64 BIT
    • Linux OpenJDK 8+ apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk
  2. Install Bazel
  3. Download source code:
  4. Inside source directory run bazel build :all
  5. Run the Node bazel-bin/SnowBlossomNode node.conf
    • Allow the the node to download the blockchain and sync
  6. Run the Client bazel-bin/SnowBlossomClient client.conf
  7. (optional) Build Stand Alone Jar Files
bazel build \
:SnowBlossomMiner_deploy.jar \
:SnowBlossomNode_deploy.jar \
:SnowBlossomClient_deploy.jar \


bazel test :all