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The mining pool software is super basic.

It is missing very important features:

  • reporting to shackleton for stats
  • reasonable rate reporting for workers or total

However, to run it:

Pool Server

bazel build :all 
bazel-bin/MrPlow plow.conf 

plow.conf needs:

node_host= (node to connect to) 
pool_address= (address to pay pool fee) 
pay_the_duck=0.00 (Percentage to pay to fireduck out of each block.  Completely optional). 
pool_fee=0.01 (percentage to pay the pool address out of each block.  Note: 0.01 = 1%) 
db_path=plowdb (this must be different from the node db location) 

rpc_port=12221 (optional)

You can set the pool_fee really low, but it can't be zero due to needing somewhere to allocate the block reward before there are any shares.


If an rpc_port is specified, then MrPlow supports RPC commands.

See MrPlow RPC Commands

Mining Client

Miners need to run bazel-bin/PoolMiner. Same config as miner. It will default to port 23380, which is where the pool server runs.