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Snowblossom Improvement Proposal 1

SIP1: Fix Block Reward Halving Time



  • Public statements, design, intention, and expectations described 4 years.
  • This means 97% of total supply will be distributed in just 5 years
  • This is a bug that unexpectedly alters the worth and economy of Snowblossom
  • This unexpectedly places extreme weight in the advantage of early miners, which stands against the stated values, intention, and expectation communicated to all users.
  • As it is considered a bug, developers considered just making this change but decided it was more open to have a vote instead.


  • With 4x higher scarcity, coins are worth more. This creates a situation where some early adopters with large amounts may wish to enforce that scarcity, and initial worth.


  • Passes when 1000 blocks pass containing 25% voting and >50% agreement
  • Pools will represent their miners.
  • Set in your miner or pool configuration file either
    • vote_yes=1
    • vote_no=1


  • Joseph Gleason - Fireduck (slack) - fireduck64 (github)
  • Zachary Coon - Clueless (slack) - cluelessperson (github)
  • Tyler Boon - tster123 (github)