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Snowblossom Improvement Proposal 4

SIP4: Add optional Transaction Input


In this change, we add an optional field to TransactionInput for the value of the input. If it is set (non-zero) transaction validation will ensure that it accurately represents what is happening in the transaction. Validation will fail if it is set (non-zero) and is incorrect.

This change makes it so that an offline transaction signer can have a more complete view of a transaction before signing it. This also enabled the Rosetta API offline /construction/parse .


Work in progress.



This will be required at block 151680, which will be around 2021.03.25. At that time mining pools must be running version 1.8.0 or higher.


  • Passes when 1000 blocks pass containing 25% voting and >50% agreement
  • Pools will represent their miners.
  • Set in your miner or pool configuration file either
    • vote_yes=4
    • vote_no=4


  • Joseph Gleason - Fireduck (slack) - fireduck64 (github)