Road Map

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Road Map

We don't have a road map. We have some ideas.

Light Client Servers

Just discussing some ways which we can decide which nodes a light client will use

Java FX Client

This should allow us to:

  • Use existing java client code
  • Target a number of platforms
    • Windows
    • Android (in addition to current android client)
    • Maybe others?
  • Run node and maybe other services under a UI

This is pretty much done. Didn't end up using JavaFX because it is a runtime disaster. IceLeaf

Snowblossom Channels

Snowblossom Channels

A distributed way to share content

Snow Payment and Auth

Snow Payments and Auth

A simple payments (and auth) framework designed for microtransaction for web sites premium or ad-free content

Distributed Privacy Mixer

A protocol that allows users to mix their coins for privacy. Two modes:

  • Passive mode - set required fee and parameters and acts as a mixer for other users
  • Active mode - allows a user to create a mixed transaction, reaching out to passive mixers to get desired amount of noise.