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IceLeaf is a graphical client that should work on any desktop OS where Java runs. See Download for how to get and install it.

Or it can be built from source, of course.

   bazel build :IceLeaf_deploy.jar

Existing Features

  • Allows optional running a full node
  • Allows connecting to other nodes instead of running a full node
  • Supports creating Seed word wallets
  • Supports creating old standard ecdsa (without seed) wallets
  • Supports creating QHard wallets (see Quantum_Tough)
  • Supports multiple named wallets at the same time
  • Sending simple transactions
  • Supports creating watch-only wallets using xpub of seed wallet
  • Shows address list with balance on each address

Planned Features

  • Address list for a wallet, showing used status, number of transactions and UTXOs
  • History for a wallet, showing all transactions and their confirmation status
  • Wallet file encryption (in progress)
  • Wallet file export
  • Wallet file import
  • Unsigned transaction export
  • Unsigned transaction import/signing/broadcast
  • Multisig wallet creation
  • Switch to async notifications to make network use more efficent

Open Issues

How To Do Things

Backup Wallets

Backup all the contents of the directory set as "Wallet Directory"

Note: Instead of doing this, if your wallets are all HD Seed wallets and you have a record of the 12 word seeds, those are sufficient to recover the wallets.

Rename A Wallet

  • Exit IceLeaf
  • In "Wallet Directory" find the wallet directory in question and rename it

Remove A Wallet

  • Exit IceLeaf
  • In "Wallet Direcory" find the wallet directory and remove it

Use a wallet from multiple computers


  • Use HD Seed wallets and import the seed words on another computer
  • Use Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive or any other synchronization tool, put your wallet directory in there

Node Vs Other Servers

If you are running a node, you don't need to leave it running. After the first sync, which will probably take an hour or two, whenever you do run IceLeaf it will quickly update with any blocks you missed and be ready to go fairly quickly. You can leave it running, but you don't need to.

On the node selection tab:

  • local - your local node
  • seed - seed nodes built into the IceLeaf binary. This list is curated by Fireduck and each node has a TLS key for private communication.
  • list - any other nodes you wish to include

After making this selection, IceLeaf will use the node that responds to a GetNodeStatus the fastest.