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New Location

The new download page should be used: Downloads

GUI Wallet

There is now a GUI wallet, known as IceLeaf. It can run a full node or act as a light client using other full nodes for blockchain data. It supports creating wallets, sending and receiving.

For windows, you'll need a modern 64-bit Java. It will work with anything greater than 8, however it was only in 10 or 11 that the OS UI scaling was respected so if you have a high resolution display you'll want newer. 64-bit is required to run a node, which is an option within the GUI client.

For Windows and macOS, java can be downloaded here:

JDK14 Download Openjdk 14

There are two variants of IceLeaf. One for mainnet and one for testnet.

Release Builds

Dev Builds

Command Line and Mining

There are several ways to download builds. The easiest for most users is to download a release build, which contains configuration files, scripts and the java binaries:

If you need something not included in the release or need a recent development build, those are here:

Note: these are development versions, they might not work entirely and might reflect work in progress.

However, if you can build from source with bazel, that is usually better. The jars above might be out of date.