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Config Options

A basic client that maintains a set of keys and contacts a SnowBlossomNode to get balance information about addresses that it holds. This is how you generated addresses, send funds, etc.

Command Line

The command for SnowBlossomClient takes additional elements after the config file.

The command line options are: (no command) - show total balance, show one fresh address

 balance - show balance of all addresses
 monitor - show balance and repeat
 getfresh [mark_used] [generate_now] - get a fresh address
   if mark_used is true, mark the address as used
   if generate_now is true, generate a new address rather than using the key pool
 send <amount> <destination> - send snow to address
 export <file> - export wallet to json file
 export_watch_only <file> - export wallet to json file with no keys
 import <file> - import wallet from json file, merges with existing
 import_seed - prompts for a seed to import
 show_seed - show seeds
 rpcserver - run a local rpc server for client commands
 audit_log_init <msg> - initialize a new audit log chain
 audit_log_record <msg> - record next audit log in chain
 audit_log_report <address> - get a report of audit log on address