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The various programs that you can run as part of Snowblossom.



  • SnowBlossomNode Config Options - The node that maintains peer to peer links and maintains a copy of the blockchain. Responds to queries from other programs regarding the blockchain. Holds no keys.
  • PoolMiner Config Options - A mining agent that connects to a mining pool and does mining work. Does not require a node (other than the mining pool itself needs to have a node).
  • Arktika Config Options - An advanced mining agent, like PoolMiner but supports features like loading parts of the snowfield from other sources, including memory or over the (local) network.


  • VanityGen - A program to generate vanity addresses
  • RichList - A program to output the balances held by addresses
  • SnowFall - A program to generate snow fields. They are usually easier downloaded: Snowfields
  • SnowMerkle - A program to find the merkle root of a snowfield and build the deck files

Command Line Examples

Almost all programs take a single command line parameter, which is a config file to use.

As an example, here are the ways to invoke a SnowBlossomNode:

  • From a release zip:
   java -jar SnowBlossomNode_deploy.jar node.conf
  • From bazel:
   bazel build :all
   bazel-bin/SnowBlossomNode node.conf
  • From bazel as standalone jar (you can copy this jar to other machines):
   bazel build :SnowBlossomNode_deploy.jar
   java -jar bazel-bin/SnowBlossomNode_deploy.jar node.conf